piotr ostrowski
piotr ostrowski

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florence biennale

The piece created especially for the Biennial in Florence uses the image of the Woman from the Medici Tomb by Michelangelo. The light, building the structure of the entire object and piercing it, establishes a relationship with many layers of glass – images which, gradually thickened, shadow the light, approaching darkness. The object is a response to the main theme of the Biennale: Eternal Feminine. Eternal change.


Project juxtaposes extremes: abstraction and clear representation, chaos and order, organic forms and geometry, light and shadow. This artist examines processes which lead to the construction of complex structures. In the perspective of the fine arts, he defines this as a disorder, a thicket, immensity – everything that leads to consolidation, accumulation and ultimately chaos, which he also observes in human beings.Triptychs comprised of colored lithographs and glass objects depict pulsating networks of biological and mechanical structures which constantly interact with each other, giving the impression that one piece of matter smoothly transforms itself into another and – like a returning wave – shows a reflected image of the original piece on its surface.


The exhibition addresses the challenge of fixing fleeting traces, and their short — lived nature in such fragile and delicate a material as glass. The result is a series of monumental works whose bold structure and innovative presentation style allow for a new quality in communing with glass. The imprints used in them are tangible consequences of movement and of striving; they are what remains after and an event and its presence. They are not relics of the past or reflections of history; they are phenomena present in our everyday environment and everyday life that often go unnoticed, or are ignored because of their ephemeral nature. In fact, these signs become blurred so quickly that they disappear without trace in a wink of time. 


This exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall features a specially commissioned, monumental stained glass portrait of Milena. The image captures Milena’s face, illuminated by a sparkler held in one hand, as she playfully spells out the letters of her name against the black backdrop of the night sky. The genesis for this piece was derived in part from Lockhart and Milena’s participation in a stained glass workshop in rural Poland. The piece connects an intimate moment to Poland’s rich cultural tradition of stained glass, a common, familiar and iconic art form that adorns the countless churches throughout the country’s landscape. The idea for the piece was born out of a desire to create a tribute to Milena that is both personal and deeply rooted in Polish history and tradition. For the construction of this work, Lockhart enlisted master Polish glass painter Piotr Ostrowski, who interpreted the artist’s snapshots of Milena using 14th century glass-making techniques.


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